Aron Kuppermann California Institute of Technology
October 23, 2012
Please join the Caltech community in celebrating the life and career of Professor Aron Kuppermann (1926-2011). The symposium will include a day of research talks and personal reflections, followed by a poster session and evening meal. The speaker program includes Aron's friends, colleagues, and former group members. In addition to warmly remembering Aron, we will enjoy an exciting overview of modern directions in physical and theoretical chemistry.

Invited Speakers
Joel Bowman (Emory University)
Wayne Flicker (Healthcare Partners Med Group)
Ken Janda (University of California, Irvine)
Martin Karplus (Harvard University)
Thomas Miller (California Institute of Technology)
Mary Rodgers (Wayne State University)
George Schatz (Northwestern University)
Donald Truhlar (University of Minnesota)
Event Schedule:

9 am - Noon
Jack Beauchamp Introduction
Martin Karplus From H+H2 to biological motors
George Schatz New directions in plasmonics and biomaterials
Thomas Miller Quantum dynamics from classical trajectories: Direct simulation of biological and molecular catalysts

Noon - 1 pm, Lunch

1 pm - 4:15 pm
Donald Truhlar New density functionals for chemistry and physics
Ken Janda From intermolecular forces to gas hydrate clathrates
Mary Rodgers Structure and activation energies for glycosidic bond cleavage of protonated nucleosides: A synergy of theory and threshold CID and IRMPD action spectroscopy experiments
Joel Bowman Ab initio potential and dipole moment surfaces for water: Development and applications from the dimer and hexamer to hexagonal and disordered ice

4:30 pm - 6 pm, Poster session in the Schlinger Courtyard

6:30 pm, Reception and Dinner at the Caltech Athenaeum

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